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by psphd on September 29, 2013

I’ve been working on my literature review since July, and I’ve decided to share some sources with links when they’re freely available on the Internet. Many peer-reviewed articles are available using search engines, especially Google Scholar, but I’m not sure that people who aren’t in grad school seek out scholarly work when they want to find information. I could be wrong about that, but most people seem to refer to popular books or websites when sharing information. It appears that most of the articles I use as sources are not available to the general public, but I’d be glad to help people find research – just contact me and let me know what you need. I’m going to start sharing this type of resource on a regular basis in order to bring the academic world to the lay people who visit this blog.

Today’s links:

The neurobiological basis of ADHD by Curatolo, D’Adati, & Moavero (2010)

Neurobiology of ADHD by Tripp & Wickens (2009)

[California State University, Chico has this handy PDF document available to explain what scholarly sources are, including peer-reviewed journal articles.]

These are the two articles I’ll be reading this morning as I wrap up my section on the etiology, prevalence, and symptoms of ADHD. Once I get the first draft of each section of the lit review finished I’ll post the draft here on the blog so that people can get an idea of what I’m working on.

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